Case Study


It is Seven star hotel with 900 rooms capacity having central hall to accomodate 3000 guests at a time .The entire facade is a combination of local granite with GRC ,a matching shed of granite.There are 3 major domes along with 13 number of medium sizes which were cladded with GRC matireal.

All four entrance poztico done in GRC with the glass opening.The entire GRC area was approximately 2,00,000 lakhs sqft. which was completed in 22 months We had mobilsed our mini plant at site to cater such a huge production .All the moulds were perepared at our main production unit near mumbai.The cladding was done on to the ms fabrication stud framework.

This is one of the ITC hotel work which was sucessfully completed to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

TAJ GVK -Mumbai

This is one of the Taj group of hotel constructed next to T1 domestic terminal at Mumbai Santacruz airport .It is on prime location wherein all national and international tourist attraction point.

The hotel is cladded entirely with GRC such as columns , Decorative screen and wall panelling.The atoal cladding area is approimately is around 1,50,000 sqft. which was completed in 18 months from approval of makeup.The project was designed by Azehireh Haffer contracter and executed through L&T


This was one of the 1st Skyscraper twin towers at Southern India which resemble Malaysian Twin towers. Earlier all balconies were having RCC grill and columns due safety and height of building. However, it was spoiling aesthetical look , hence Client Mr. Sayed Beary had decided to go with GRC grill and column.

The RCC Consultant Mr.Mahindra Raj from Delhi was not comfortable with the idea of GRC since it was not been used in India. Also in point of view of safety he had strongly denied GRC. Since Mr. Beary liked the GRC he asked us about strength & durability of GRC. We have provided him with all laboratory report of GRC , but Mr. Mahindra Raj was not satisfied with it.

Meanwhile we had already delivered few truck loads of GRC screens and columns at site. We have informed Mr.Mahindra Raj selects randomly any of these screens at site and we will do installation which can be tested. After installing at site, local laboratory person had carried out bending test on screens and columns. Surprisingly GRC screens had withstood test load of RCC screen.


Similar test was carried out for Screens at Lodhi Hotel ( 7 Stars ) at New Delhi. The screen sizes were very big @ 1600 x 6000 mm high. These were installed at lobby and corridor area where public movements were dense. Thus we have prepared similar size of GRC screen and tested at Govt. Recognized Laboratory at Mumbai.

The impact test was carried out with 5 , 10 , 20 Kg load at different distant and height. The test was successfully done and no damage was notice.

Please note that GRC is a cladding material and structural use of GRC is generally becomes uneconomical.